87 million users are affected by the Facebook data breach. Are you among them?

Mark Zuckerberg is on a worldwide apology tour for misusing your personal data.

The fact is: millions of companies make billions cramming unwanted ads down your throat. An unethical process plays out behind the scenes. Your personal information is collected then passed to anonymous intermediaries for analysis.

The result? More unwanted ads. Your breached privacy is sold to the highest bidder - strangers you will never meet. Strangers who want to know everything about you. Do you feel violated? Good! You should. This is a gross invasion of your privacy. But now there's a way to fight back.

Fight back, stop Facebook ads. Join the movement. Install our ad-blocking plugin. Earn tokens.

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Asora's mission is to restore your privacy by driving change in today's digital advertising model. To obliterate data predators. To give you absolute control of the content you view. To allow you to profit by using our software and by contributing to its ongoing development. This is revolutionary. Our time has come.

Can we count you in?

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How It Works

Asora is blockchain powered ad-blocking browser extension that blocks hidden data trackers and annoying ads.

Block ads

Stop intrusive ads from appearing everywhere.

Stop trackers

Do not let invisible data beacons track you everywhere on the internet.

Browse safely

Say no to clickbaits, malvertisements and data hijackers.

Get rewarded

Get Asora tokens for doing what you always do, blocking ads.


  • Ads free, privacy protected web surfing.

  • Get instant 250 bonus tokens for installing extension and more for using.

  • All blocked ads and prevented trackers converted into Asora tokens.

  • Pay with tokens or convert to any fiat currency (bitcoin, ethereum) in the future.

In depth

Our mission is to ignite transformative change in the digital advertising industry. To create a more accountable, transparent advertising industry—for you. For your protection. For your privacy. For your profit.

Let's face it—online advertisers steal your personal information at every turn. Think of your data as a precious metal, like gold. Instead of mining for gold, advertisers mine your personal information. Then they sell it to information brokers. In turn, these middlemen sell it to other advertisers. Many hands are exchanging your data, and they are all profiting. Except you.

This never-ending process fuels a deluge of unwanted ads. Advertisers are also stealing your time!

Asora aims to solve this problem. Here's how:

  • We aim to eliminate 3rd party data collectors – the middlemen. Why should they profit from your information? We will connect advertisers directly to you, making it your choice whether to share your information. We will make advertisers pay you for your time and attention. They will pay because we are eliminating the higher expense of data-collecting middlemen.

  • We aim to restore your digital privacy. Your data belongs to you. It is unethical to have it taken without your permission. It should be your decision to share your data and, when you do, you deserve compensation.

  • Your time is a valuable commodity. Why waste it with unwanted ads? We aim to recover your time by eliminating those ads, but we take it one step further. You will now profit from ads you choose to view!

  • You will profit from our software, and you will be involved in its development. You will profit from installing our plug-in, by referring your friends, and by blocking ads on websites and social media platforms like Facebook. You will profit by reporting advertisements that sneak through our screening process and together we will make our plug-in the best on the planet.

  • Advertisers will reform their business model. It is in the advertisers' best interest. It is in your best interest. It is a win-win situation. That is our aim—let’s achieve it together. Watch the power of our collective impact!